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why idont

have cats

On the

high wire

Ok I’m up! Little kitten is making mashed potatoes on my titties. 😆 #icanneversleepin #whyidonthavecats #kitty#bigisland

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bettyemckool… just lay there like nothing happened, I’ll clean up all your drunken vomit #drunk #cats #whyidonthavecats


glenndearing#gift @beckyallin#whyidonthavecats
beckyallinBut he caught it for you @glenndearing didn’t fancy it for breakfast?

Kirsten elise pdx

kirstenelisepdx#whyidonthavecats#catsaretheworst 😹 Also just dropped a ton of 🖕🏼studs at Zim Zim. 👍🏼 Check it out

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sam_o77Silly cat, why did you have to stare at me half the night, make lots of noise, then jump on me, then snuggle up next to me? Don’t you know, it’s not that I don’t like cats